Mustard, move over.

Ketchup- catch the next train to Cleveland.

Mayo- May you find peace in your next life.

Relish- relegated to the backseat.

Out of New York, here comes the condiment you will be requesting everywhere- on Everything!

Check it out!


This stuff sounds so good!

Forget about chipotle mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and Ketchup.

It's 2012 people, let's move on!

A guy in Brooklyn (BROOKLYN?) has been cooking up this stuff for years-- Hot Honey.

Spicy Honey?

Bring it!  What would I put it on?  What WOULDN'T I put it on?

Dogs, burgers, biscuits, chicken, the list even includes ice cream!



I wanted to create something for people who are really into spicy foods

Check out Mike Kurtz and just watch him create this mouthwatering condiment!


I have to tell you- I cannot wait for spring baseball- so can I go to a Colorado Rockies game and see if they have this stuff yet-- it's going to make my day!

Check out Mikes site--