One of my biggest pet peeves is the "reply to all" button. We all get the emails at work that are addressed to the whole staff. We then all have the people who feel the need to write their little witty response and send it to whole staff as well. We get enough useless emails without having to read your "woo hoo" or "way to go" or "that's funny". If you have a response for the person who sent the email, send it to them privately, it will mean more to the person and will not pollute the email system. In my mind when you hit "reply to all" you are saying "hey look at me".

Before you hit that button, decide if what you have written really needs to be read by the entire company. I would like to hook a little electroshock charge into that button that sends a mild jolt to the computer user as a reminder to think twice before sending. Carry on.