25 years ago Todd and I were thrown together as a morning team and called ourselves the Good Morning Guys. We were to completely different types of people who really struggled at first but figured out how to work together. At first we didn't know or even really like each other but it's amazing at what time has done. I trust and love Todd more than any man who doesn't share my last name. I have to say though, he can drive me nuts. If it isn't the smell of his so called "medical condition", it's his never ending singing or humming.

When we first started 25 years ago there was one particular song that he would sing every day. I liked the song at first but after months and months and years and years of it,  I can say he took my love of the song away and officially drove me insane. Anne Murray's "A Little Good News" was Todd's anthem. I can not hear the song without thinking of him and seeing him sit back, close his eyes and start crooning. On this date in 1984 Anne won a Grammy for the song. As a tribute to that feat and to Todd I post this today. Give it a listen and sing along with Todd.