This is going to be a huge weekend for me. I have the Habajeeba show Friday night, which is my fantasy come true and my parents are coming in for the weekend. I am so lucky that my folks will make the drive from North Dakota just to come see their son perform in a show. They have always been there for all my failures and successes. I am fortunate to have been raised in such a loving family.

On Sunday I will get to do what means more to me than anything. I will get to watch a football game with my dad, my son and my grandson. We will have four generations of Viking fans cheering our team on and then watch the Ryder Cup golf tourney as well. I was telling my wife that is like a country song about a guy wishing he could watch one more game with his dad. I hope I have many years of game watching with my dad ahead but life offers no guarantees and we need to take advantage of and treasure every moment we can. Don't let time pass you by. Make sure to take every  opportunity to make memories that you will cherish forever. I can't wait for Sunday.