A park dedicated to food trucks will open in Evans in mid-September. The Yard at 3520 will be the first-ever food truck park in northern Colorado. In addition to offering new and different food options daily, The Yard at 3520 will feature local musicians, artists, and entertainment at their indoor-outdoor venue. The restaurant is taking place of what was The "New" Plantation. Construction plans are underway to update the existing building into an entertainment venue.

A large parking area for food trucks will be next to an outdoor area that will include picnic tables, fire pits, a volleyball court.

Food trucks will rotate and serve both lunch and dinner daily.

"Our vision for The Yard at 3520 is to create a space for community, a venue where friends and families can spend quality time and create beautiful memories," said co-owner Belén Diez. “We’re excited to create a space not only for people to gather but for food trucks to call home."

Source: Press Release