A week with no names to announce and lost lives to honor is a good thing. I would much rather honor our troops as they return home alive though.

Bring Them Home

KIA States Last Week:  0

Most of us all still ask the question,

...when are we going to let/make Afghanistan and these others countries take care of themselves.'

I honestly don't understand why we think we can, or should, solve the world's problems when we can't even fix our own.  I am not opposed to war and strife but it should be done only to benefit our own country and the well being of it's citizens and I hardly see our ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran as a benefit to us.  I see it as a benefit to many congressman and defense contractors.

We'll let our own children starve while sending billions in aid to foreign countries?  When does it stop?  When is enough, enough.  When do we make others come to their own aid and start to worry about our own homefront.  Our debt ceiling is at it's highest and what have we gotten for it?  Enough...is enough.