I have now been doing these weekly 'honor posts' for over two years now. In that time span, this is the longest we have gone without losing any troops.

KIA States Last Week:  0

Most of us all still ask the question,

...when are we going to let/make Afghanistan and these others countries take care of themselves.'

I honestly don't understand why we think we can or should solve the world's problems when we can't even fix our own.  We'll let our own children starve while sending billions in aid to foreign countries.  When does it stop?  When do we make these other countries start fending for themselves.

All we do is create dependency!

Here's my point.  We were told many years ago that our primary goal was to train Afghan armies (and others) how to protect themselves and take care of business.  What many of us don't hear is that they are doing very well at it.  Just today, reports are in that 17 Taliban are confirmed dead and that many more detained for questioning by a recent raid conducted by Afghan police, Afghan army, and Afghan intelligence.

Not one U.S.force involved. Afghan security forces also discovered and seized weapons, ammunition and explosives during the operations proving to me, they are more than capable of dealing with the scary scary Taliban.  We should be done with our presence there, period.  If we decide to leave a military base there...so be it.  But bring the rest of them home. Enough is enough and it's time for the rest of the world to put their big boy pants on or at least start billing them for our time.

Bring Them Home