In a perfect world we would all say what we meant all of the time, but that is just silly thinking, so to help the guys as they head into the weekend, I (thanks to my friend Mary) have a list that will help define your woman's words. Yep, five definitions every guy should know!



  • Fine: the word a woman uses when she knows she's right and she wants you to just shut up
  • Nothing: this always means something, mostly that you should be worried
  • Go Ahead: this is more like a dare, when a woman say's this, don't take it as it's okay, take it as you better not!
  • Whatever: A woman's way of saying she's done talking, you should not speak after she says whatever, don't you have a man cave that is more comfortable than continuing to poke the angry bear you call your woman?
  • That's Okay: be very scared, she is thinking of a way to make you pay for your mistake. :)

And as my friend Mary posted this, she included a bonus definition, ready?

WOW!: Be careful, this isn't a compliment, she is likely thinking how can someone be so stupid.

Now of course these definitions are not universal and there a lot of women who really mean what they say and are not like a house cat planning an attack against you with every move, but it does apply to almost every woman at some point of her life in your relationship with her.

Have a Great Weekend!