The First Family is under the public eye at all times and are the first to lead by example. But can you imagine Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush or Lady Bird in the following picture?


This has nothing to do with this current administration in general but only on the principal that millions of young girls/women look up to the First Lady (whomever she is) and I hardly think dancing with moves you would see in a strip club are simply not appropriate.

This is my opinion.

I am a Father and I have taught my daughter from day one to respect herself, her body and to never do anything that would send a message other than what she meant to send.  This picture sends the wrong message to young girls across the world.  (You can clearly see someone in the background with the "OMG one hand to the mouth" look.

Before I get crucified...I was alerted to this by a friend of mine who thinks our current administration is magical but was appalled at the First Lady.  Yes, the First Family is entitled to a life but my question to you is should she have toned it down a tad or are moves you would see on a stripper pole now socially acceptable for our daughters to emulate?

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