First, "they told me it was no longer safe for me to text and drive (probably true), but now I see that "they" are saying it is also unsafe to text and walk! What's next? Not safe to text and poop?

OK, so I guess I can understand the whole not texting while driving thing, actually I think it is a great idea to have that device in your car that wont allow you to text while you are driving. But, I just feel the whole texting and walking thing may be taking it a little too far. I know people who text 23 hours of the day, and if you make them sit the whole time they are going to gain some serious weight.

But then I think on the other hand, it is going to prevent a lot of injuries! No more tripping over the dog, wondering aimlessly in the middle of a busy street, and it'll even keep you out of the opposite sexes bathroom.

So nxt time u need to lol b4 u do sit v!! TTYL!