With the new fire restrictions in place in Larimer County and Rocky Mountain National Park, I am reminded of a time about 10 years ago when I accidentally set fire to a pickup truck full of hay. I was driving along, windows down, smoking a cigar.  I KNOW...stupid on TWO counts. I was driving west on Vine Drive in Fort Collins when all eastbound vehicles began honking and waving at me.  WOW, I thought, EVERYBODY knows me...I am SO popular...then I smelled smoke and realized that an ash from my cigar had ignited my hay bales.

WHOA... quick pull off into a business where folks came running out with fire extinguishers. Of course the fire started on the drivers side where the gas tank is located. Fortunately, I had a gallon jug of water and had the blaze out in just seconds. Ironically I lost that Silverado when it was parked in my barn which burned down in 2007.

Do I believe in angels? YES, I do.