It's a sad world we live in when the zoo you are visiting dictates what you can and can't wear into the zoo. Well, not all zoo's, but there is one in England who thinks you make scare the animals.

Lets take a trip and stop by the Chessington World of Adventures, a theme park and zoo in Surrey, England.  But be advised, if you are dressed in any kind of animal print (bikini or not) you will be asked to leave or cover yourself because they don't want to confuse the animals.

I swear, I'm not making this stuff up!  If you want to stay, you will be given a grey jumpsuit (overalls) to wear while you're in the park.  Hang on a second, I need to catch my breath. I am still lol'ing!

Animals are getting confused when they see what looks like zebras and giraffes driving across the terrain in a 7.5 ton truck - Spokesperson Natalie Dilloway 

Really?  Now we are worried about confusing the animals?  I am no brain surgeon but I am willing to bet the Zebra, Tiger and Giraffe are not nearly as dumb as some humans I know who think this is a good idea.  Trust me...the Lion will know you are not a lion despite you wearing a Fred Flintstone outfit.

Next up:  Joke telling for the laughing Hyenas!

This guy isn't going into the theme park either. Picture courtesy of Animal Print Clothing Facebook Page