Ever since Colorado passed Amendment 64 last November, allowing for the recreational use and sale of marijuana, one question has had supporters on the edge of their seats: Since Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, will the feds step in and put the kibosh on our new state laws?  Today, that question was answered.

USA Today reports the Justice Department will not challenge stage laws pertaining to marijuana; that is, as long as legislation surrounding the laws is upheld, such as not selling pot to minors.

A Justice official also said federal agencies will be discouraged from pursuing marijuana users, unless they're linked with gangs or other criminal activity.

Although the directive issued by Attorney General Eric Holder will apply nationwide, it will largely affect the 20 states and the District of Columbia that allow for medical marijuana use, and Colorado and Washington where state laws allow medical and recreational use by adults.

[via USA Today.]

Are you happy the State and Federal Governments have decided to cooperate on this issue?  Let us know in the comments!