Target vs Wal-Mart – the battle of the bargain brands. Some people are very loyal Target shoppers, others are die-hard Wal-Mart veterans. I’ve come to the conclusion that the preference toward either store comes down to location and branding, since for the most part (and according to recent writings) they offer pretty much the same discounted products – give or take a few cents.

Really, it’s about atmosphere and impression.

This same preference for certain bargain fast-casual restaurants comes down to atmosphere and impression – because for the most part – they offer pretty much the same discounted foods. With some exception, rarely is it fresh and flavorful, and most of the time you’re just there to eat on the cheap. Priorities are stacked as price – atmosphere – taste.

This is what I thought about while eating at Tios Burritos. It’s the same level of quality as you’d expect to come from cheap eats, but with locally-owned flair. I felt like it was comparable to a bargain shopping burrito with price being the most important factor and flavor being a bottom priority.

Tios Burritos opened in mid-March of 2011 in the Rain Tree Athletic Club shopping center, right next to Pizza Hut. There have been a few failed restaurants in this location before. It’s somewhat hidden, making it even more difficult to market a restaurant than it already is. We are in this area countless times during the week, but I can say that after eating at Tios for both breakfast and dinner, I’ll pass...

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