In a sea among many, you've got to do something that's going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here in Fort Collins, we have an incredible amount of frozen yogurt options - Mahalo, Spooners, Golden Spoon, Coolberry, and now Maiberry. Each place has their own personality - some have better flavored frozen yogurt, others have better toppings, and some have the edge on better price per ounce - but they all serve pretty much the exact same thing.

Except Maiberry.

Yes, they are serving FroYo, but they've added a twist that nobody else has here - Greek-style.

Greek yogurt has been a recent trending food fad, filling the grocery store shelves with tart Greek options right next to the sickly sweet traditional fruit and yogurt mixes. Greek yogurt has higher protein content and less sugar, leading it to be a better, and healthier yogurt choice. It also has a unique thicker texture and pleasant tangier flavor that really makes it a delicious treat. So, to take this type of yogurt and turn it into a frozen dessert? Brilliant...

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