I’ve lost count on how many times we’ve driven down that road. The kids are usually asleep in the back seat, and I’m gazing out the window, silently taking in the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, hoping to spy an animal on the rocks. The Husband drives us along the winding, curvy road, glancing at the river every chance he can. It’s the avid fly fisherman in him that’s itching to throw on his waders. The urge seems to be as strong as any drug addiction.

These drives aren’t filled with deep and meaningful conversations between The Husband and I, but more of an experience of co-existing in sweet serenity. There’s something that soothes our souls when we make those mountain drives up the canyon – the hypnotic motion of meandering through the rock walls that seemingly touch the sky, the mesmerizing sound of the rushing river hugging the road, the fresh mountain air that fills our lungs and whips through our hair, a gentle reach to hold each others hand while sharing the peaceful moment – it’s heaven on Earth.

Each and every time we make that drive in Big Thompson Canyon, we pass by a quaint white and red building with red jugs hung about like gigantic Christmas lights. It stands out against the natural colors of the canyon, but still seems to fit in with the country-esque appearance. “What is that place? We should stop by and check it out sometime” one of us says as we continue to drive on by.

Oddly enough, I first became acquainted with the Colorado Cherry Company not during a refreshing drive through the canyon, but at The TASTE benefit in April. The Husband and I tried a sample of their cherry and peach cider, absolutely blown away by how good it was. “Where can we find this to buy?” we asked. And that’s when we discovered that we had driven by hundreds of times before, unaware of the amazing flavors waiting inside. We knew we would stop the next time we drove up the canyon...

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