When it comes to Thanksgiving there is always so much food. How can anyone ever narrow down all the Thanksgiving selections to just one favorite dish? Oddly enough for me its a lot easier than it seems.

Yep... for me its stuffing! I like it bathed in gravy. I like stuffing with a bite of turkey. I like stuffing the next day. And I like stuffing a week later. I am a stuffing nut, but I don't like nuts or fruit or even sausage in my stuffing. I like the old fashioned bread stuffing with sage, poultry seasoning and tons of butter and bread. Yes, I will have my recipe for my grandma's stuffing on Recipe Rescue soon; as part of my 24 days of Thanksgiving.

When I started to think about my favorite(s) I thought, how cool would it be to see what some of our community leaders and partners like the most. It's kind of like being Gladys from Bewitched, peeking in their windows and seeing what's on the table.

Kathi Wright - Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County

It was really fun visiting with Kathi Wright from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County, the thing's you find out. As a former board member and a current honorary member, I have to say I love the work she does in our community. Sneak into my chat with Kathi and find out her secret indulgences and her impatience...

Clint Skutchan - Executive Vice President of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors

Years ago, before he became the Executive Vice President of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors, I got to work with Clint Skutchan. He is an incredible person who cares about our community. He is always speaking his mind and working to make our community even better. When it comes to Thanksgiving, I think Clint is a little confused about what traditional and non-traditional dishes are...

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith

When it comes to protecting our community we trust Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith and his great team. Did you know that Sheriff Smith has a soft spot for family and sweets?

Laura Hunt- Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center

Laura and her staff are familiar to K99 as we hear from them every year during the 28 Hours of Hope. Her contributions to the community are priceless. Laura digs up some memories in me with her favorite dish.

Dr. Wilson- Poudre School District Superintendent

Clearly we all have our own favorites for Thanksgiving, but who better to educate us on the real favorite than Poudre School District Superintendent Dr. Wilson. His answer surprised me, can you guess what he might have said?

I was really shocked to find all but one answer a pie or dessert. Were you? And what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Either way, enjoy your Thanksgiving and don't forget to save room for pie.