Last week was quite an amazing time in my life. Going to Nashville to be on the CMA Awards show and pick up our CMA award was so moving. I have so many memories I will never forget. I wanted to share of few. I was so happy to get to see Susan open the box with her award in it at the CMA office and holler "It even has my name on it" and see the tears start to form in her eyes. I was honored to hear how many people jumped up and screamed when we appeared on the TV screen and sent me pictures of it. I was so proud knowing that you thought of us as the home team and that Colorado was winning right along with us. We felt we were there for all the country fans in this great state.


I was so proud to know how proud my family and friends were of our accomplishment. Knowing mom and dad were going nuts made me so proud. Getting to be in the inner circle of country music with the people who make the music and write and publish the music was a treat. You realize that country music really is just one big family. The artists are just down home, real people who just happen to have really cool jobs. I loved hanging with Brantley Gilbert and comparing tattoos.

Todd Harding, TSM

I loved getting to spend time with Sara Evans, Jason Aldean and Joe Nichols and so many others. I was so honored to be in this business and blown away to be honored as the best at what we do. We work really hard for this recognition and to get it is so rewarding. I am so thankful to work in this business for the company I work for. I could not be more proud than I am right now and I don't think I will be coming down anytime soon.

Brian Gary, TSM

I found it entertaining to try to keep Susan and her husband Bob awake for the whole show since they are used to going to sleep at 6. Here they are in need of coffee.

Brian Gary, TSM

I know we won this award because of what we do on the air and in the community and for the kids with our 28 hours of hope. I was reminded of that on flight home when I was seated next to a professional Santa. We talked about how cool it is to have a job where we can help children and make a difference. I am so humbled and honored. Thank you for allowing me into your life.

Jenny Harding, TSM