As I continue to forge forward and do what Ashley and Colton would have insisted I do, Labor Day Weekend was filled with 'My James' family reunion and the Husker opener. As one of my nieces said to me "I love that about you", she was referring to my direct approach to thing's, without being rude, just honest. These events are not what I want to do, nor are they my strong suit. They really never have been and since 'losing' (I have issues with that word and we will likely talk about it some time) Ashley and Colton, I really wasn't looking forward to a family reunion.

I don't have any family to speak of, meaning those that are still around are not close and the closest we come to 'chatting' is on facebook through random updates. Oh I know someone will be offended by that comment... I only mean that I have no sisters or brothers, my parents and grand parents are gone and whatever family they had I rarely speak to and never see-threre's about a handful. Phew, feel as though I am adding a disclaimer to an otherwise simple story. Sorry! :)

I love seeing my nieces, they were all close to my little people and it was great to surround myself with them. And my sister in-laws aren't half bad and my mother in-law is the best... And the rest of the lot is pretty cool too... it's not the people, its the amount of people, the event itself, not having the little people and so on. It turned out okay and I only had one anxiety attack, but anyone could have one of those at a family reunion, right? ;P And the food, yummy-lots of pulled pork and more cakes than anyone could imagine, but not one potato chip-Hello, I'm a savory, help me out here folks. LOL

The Husker home opener... talk about fun... I have never seen so much red in my life. Husker nation is impressive. It took awhile to get parked or should I say find our lot, but once we did it was on! We met some of the family for pre game celebrations and then headed to our seats. The enthusiasm, the roar of the crowd the sea of red... I was amazed at the unity. Now it was pretty darn hot, about a 106 heat index with our south facing seats I got a little over heated and whimped out at the end of the second quarter.

I found air condition comfort at my sister-in-laws house to watch the rest of the game... and yes they won their match against Southern Miss 49-20.