Just like many of you today, I am still wondering what in the world happened to our Denver Broncos last Sunday.  How is a meltdown like that even possible?

Stunned. I have no other word for the way I felt by about :12 seconds into the game.  How is that even possible we all asked ourselves from the #1 ranked offense and a QB coming off a record regular season. Unreal...it happens though.  However, I did mention out loud this was not a good sign and I hoped this game wasn't going to embarrass us once again.


Let me also say I have been a Denver fan long before being a Denver fan was cool (had a dog named Elway once) so I do have a right to say their performance in the Super Bowl was nothing short of embarrassing, humiliating and humbling.  However, I wasn't mad till I heard Manning go off about it not being "embarrassing" and then Coach Fox today blowing it off as just another loss.  I guess I want accountability, who doesn't!

Can you imagine how George Halas, Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka or Dan Reeves would have reacted?  Do you think Tom Coughlin and Hank Stram would just write it off to a great Seattle team or would they have held themselves and/or the team accountable?  What do you think John Gruden or Don Shula would have said. Come on man...someone take accountability for that disaster. At the very least just admit the truth; IT WAS EMBARRASSING and that performance was not acceptable by any means.

I don't know who I blame but it wasn't just one person to single out. I hear today many players,including Wes Welker, throw Fox under the bus for turning down/off the simulated noise during practice because it wasn't going to be a factor to even making them practice outdoors when they knew the weather would be better than it was in Denver while Seattle practiced twice as much indoors. I do have to admit, I have never seen a better defense or better tackling, ever, than what Seattle showed us.

That is still no excuse for the lack of effort that was given on Sunday by about 90% of the team.  (The touchdown that was run back after the first interception most likely could have been batted away by Moreno or at least tackled within 10 yards.)  I love my Broncos and always will; win or lose. I have suffered through all the ugly losses and we'll rebuild after this devastating loss as well.  I just want some to admit and call it what it was, embarrassing and stop avoiding reality.

That is all...carry on.