We morning people get to set the pace and mood for the whole day. The person who serves you your coffee can have an effect on your day with a smile or frown. Every day is fresh and new and I get to be one of the first to see it each day. I feel every day is a picture waiting to be painted. You control what kind of art it will be.

Every day when I wake I think of the day as a slab of wet cement that no one has put their tracks in yet. I can walk all over it or let it set up nice and smooth. Each day is a new canvas. You can paint the same thing again or you can use new colors and ideas. Every day you have that choice. Get out there today and get you hands in the cement. Make your mark on this world in a way that others will be pleased by. We need more people willing to make and imprint. The world is waiting for what you have to offer. Let's put on some old shoes and run through the cement.