I was recently knocked out by a song and I want to share it with you. Music, at it's best, will make you feel something powerful. It may be the need to move your body or be moved inside your heart and soul. The new song "Soldier's Wife" from my friends American Young, moved me like nothing has moved me in some time. I can FEEL the lyrics and emotion in their performance.

Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, together known as American Young, have released a fantastic new project filled with beauty. There are many incredible songs on the new project, which you can purchase here...do it. One of the standouts though, is the touching "Soldier's Wife" which is written from the perspective of a couple who are about to part while he goes off to serve our country. This is so heartfelt and moving. It does what music is supposed to do. Thank you Jon and Kristy for this gorgeous piece of musical art.

You can submit your own 'Soldier's Wife' story and photos and it may be included in their lyric video. Click here for details. Here is a version of this wonderful song.