Far be it for me to point out an embarrassing moment, as I have had plenty of my own. I have fallen not once, but multiple times coming down the stairs at work. Who falls down the stairs? I immediately look around to see if anyone saw, I could have a dislocated shoulder, broken ankle or shattered pelvis, all I care about at that moment is if anyone saw, there's always time to feel the pain later. Have you ever fallen and hoped nobody saw? Check out this video, it's hard not to laugh, keep an eye on their feet and wait till the pool scene.

It's hard not to laugh, I know I fell once going into my house, I tripped over a step as my foot got caught in my yoga pants and my Ashley could do nothing but laugh. There must be something bottled up in each of us, our own embarrassment or something that makes us laugh at these things. I do hope that they were all alright and that none of them were seriously injured.