July 22 | 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Downtown Greeley

Additional Information

The first annual Ride & Revel cycling event is happening July 22 and begins and ends in downtown Greeley. One mile into the route, Family Riders can stop and have a blast doing activities and eating snacks at the Family Aid Station in Island Grove Park, or continue on to the Poudre Trail and catch the fun on their way back instead!

Beyond the Family Aid Station, cyclists on the 20 and 55 mile rides enjoy a short stint toodling along the Poudre River Trail before emerging into the gently rolling farm and ranchlands north of Greeley and pedaling west. You'll find the panoramic views stunning, with the mountains as an ever-present focal point.

The 55-mile route turns south near the mid-point, paralleling the Rockies and with views to the horizon in all four directions.  Near the southernmost end of the 55-mile ride, after climbing up onto a ridge, the view to the horizon is clear in all four directions at once, and you'll swear you can reach out and touch the Rockies! From there you'll loop around in the quiet challenge of the countryside hills and catch your breath as you coast down off the ridge before one final push up the famous Mad Russian Hill.  Soon after, you'll complete the loop, heading back toward downtown Greeley.  Once there, you'll enjoy a prepared meal and a beer crafted just for our annual Ride & Revel! event by Greeley's award-winning brewers. Register to ride at http://www.active.com/greeley-co/cycling/ride-and-revel-2017.