April 27, 2013 | 6:00 PM - 8:20 PM
Life Church
1501 Academy Ct Ste 105, Fort Collins, 80524 United States

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Goal: present a cohesive supernatural history, apologetic and world view.

EDEN LOST: Creation through the Flood Cataclysm & Ice Age to Abraham:
A crash course through supernatural history using science, the Bible and historic research.

God: the Alpha and Omega & the nature of reality & science
The Supernaturals (Elohim): the Divine Council & Angels ― (aliens – the flood)
The supernatural world and today’s culture (aliens, vampires, magical entities, demons, spirits, ghosts, science-fiction)
Supernatural evolution: Ian Juby: Naturalistic Evolution of life from non-life uses supernatural / unscientific elements

Understanding Genesis: deep time (NPE) & the Supernatural / Young Earth
How old it the universe, our solar system, and life of earth? - Dating Methods
Why does it matter? Jesus is a liar & died for nothing? The Garden of Eden is a “myth”?

The Days of Creation: various views – reading Genesis
The Tablet Theory ― Three focuses on creation
Creation: the days ― Why it Matters - Genealogies

The Adamic World: our original Created World
Eden (the Mountain of God) and the Garden: Chinese characters & pyramids
The Adamic world, technology, supernatural interaction, Dinosaurs, etc.
What science, fossils & archeology can tell us of our original world
The nature of humanity ― Image bearers, clothed in Light
The Garden and the Choice: God’s plan for Humanity
The Shining One / Serpent: Two views
Aftermath and Separation ― What was the “fall” and what did it do?
Degeneration – the science - death and thermodynamics?

Genesis Cataclysm: 3 Cataclysms - water earth, ice age & global warming
Why the Flood: Global or Local?
The Divine Council and the Watchers (sons of God): two views (Ancient Aliens & the Bible)
Noah & the Ark: A Feasibility Study (the ark, animals, people, voyage)
The Cataclysm-Flood: Two theories and two worlds ― Just what did the flood destroy?
The Post Cataclysm World – Bio-geology
The Water Earth: sediment rock / mountains full of water/ global “warming”
Continents: sea kings and migration in a cataclysmic world
The Pyramid Cultures & the Mountain of God
The Ice Age, The Grand Canyons, Neanderthals, Dinosaurs and other extinctions
Cultures trace their roots back to Noah and Adam ( After the Flood by Bill Cooper )
Sunken cities and the days of Peleg
Ancient Civilizations & Technology after the Ice Age
Abraham, God’s story and Us ― Degeneration to Restoration

The New World: A restoration to what?
Q&A to follow the presentation
Eden Lost
through the
Flood Cataclysm
Ice age to Abraham
saturday April 27
andSunday May 12
6pm to 820pmQ&A to follow
Life Church
1501 Academy Ct Ste 105 Fort Collins, CO 80524
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