You've probably never heard of Eric Veglahn but perhaps one day he will be a household name. Not just because this High School kid struck out 5 batters in one inning but because he has some serious potential and talent.

La Crescent Minnesota High pitcher Eric Veglahn accomplished earlier this season seems impossible.

Let's set the stage:

Eric needed just three more outs to log a complete game; a seven-inning shutout of Hayfield High. The third batter goes down swinging, but the catcher missed the breaking pitch allowing the runner to reach first.

That should have been the third out!

Then on the next batter another one got away from the catcher putting runners at first and second when the tying run came to the plate.

Veglahn struck him out as well for 5 strikeouts in 1/2 an inning!  Lets break that down:

The feat of five strikeouts in a half inning appears to have been achieved just three times in the minor leagues, and once in the majors … in spring training. Odds are extremely low that a catcher would pass two strike 3 balls back to back.