August 9th and 10th were two nights I will never forget. Those nights were my first time ever seeing a concert at Red Rocks and those two nights I got to see one of my all time favorite artist perform an acoustic set. Eric Church put on one of, if not the best concert I have ever been to hands down. The two nights were magical to say the least.

I found out today that his new single off of his album, Mr. Misunderstood, will be one of my favorites titled "Kill A Word". Here is a behind the scenes look at the song:

The song certainly has an impact that all of us can understand. Church recently told Rolling Stone Country "I never release something going, 'It's going to be a big hit,'" continuing on about his latest decision on his single "I try to release it for a different reason, and this is one that I think is relevant right now."

Eric Church said he was moved to release "Kill A Word" as a single due to the current message of the Presidential election along with the unrest and intolerance throughout the U.S. "With this song, it's a good time to bring it to the forefront. And whatever happens with it, happens. I just think it's time for the world to hear it."

Here is the video that was taken from the two night acoustic performance at Red Rocks: