Here comes a story that doesn't come along very often.  An entire college football team, fed up with how things were going, refused to board their team bus for their game.

Anyone remember Doug Williams?  Doug was the QB who won the last Superbowl for the Washington Redskins...and then never heard from again.  He now, or was, the head coach for Grambling State.

Doug was fired last month for only winning one game last year and was 0-2 at his firing; they are now 0-7 but it goes much deeper.  The team has huge problems with the way they are being treated by the AD and President, their rooming and facilities and having to travel by bus everywhere they go, sometimes up to 900 miles.

It seems as though the firing of their head coach, Doug Williams, was the last straw.  On Friday, the team refused to show up and board buses for their game Friday night against Jackson State; their homecoming game.

It's a story you only see in movies and I can't wait to see this one unfold.  I am guessing the team will not play another game this season unless some major changes come and that will probably start with a new AD.