Fans can rest assured Tim McGraw has put a lot of heart & soul into this upcoming album hitting streets on January 24th.  The title "Emotional Traffic" comes from a lyric in the track "Only Human"- a duet with Pop/R&B singer, Ne-Yo, which Country fans shouldn't disregard- this track blends both Tim & Ne-Yo's voices together seamlessly.

The album starts with the tune "Halo"- a mystical sounding track that brings out the singer's soulful style.

You just lay low under your halo

Following that is a song called "Right Back Atcha Babe" which happens to be a carefree tune. It may not be the best track on the album, but it fits into the collection of music.

One of the favorites will be an unusual song called "One Part Two Part" which features Faith Hill nailing the harmony. The slightly blues-y musical style gives Faith the room to be a little more raspy on the harmony, which in return gives the song a lot of character.

Tim also co-wrote a song with friends Martina McBride and the Warren Brothers (Wrote "Feel that Fire" for Dierks Bentley). The inspiring tune is a power ballad and Tim pulls off the dramatic vocals, stretching his range with out sounding awkward.

Going back to a more blues-y style on the track "The One"- this song gives Tim a more stylistic animation in his delivery.  It's fun & musically diverse in the different instrument sounds.

My favorite will probably be "Touchdown Jesus" which the guys will enjoy for sure and plenty of ladies as well as it's a football metaphor on the spiritual life.  Written by the 'Georgia Pickers' - Rhett Atkins, Dallas Davidson & Ben Hayslip.