Getting embarrassed at work in inevitable. We all at some time or another do something that makes us want to climb in a hole and hide until it all passes. I would love for you to share your stories with me and comment with them below.

Just this weekend my wife and I went out to the local Red Lobster and watched as our waitress squirmed in embarrassment. I am a long haired freak and if you are approaching my table from behind me you will think my wife is out for dinner with one of her friends. The waitress did just that and asked what "us ladies" would like to drink. I looked at her and she just went whiter than an albino tree sloth saying how sorry she was. I laughed and asked what kind of drink a girl like me would enjoy there. I told her to try to just let us lesbians alone so we could have a nice out and visit. I loved it.

I can remember one time Todd and I went out to moon the new guy through his studio window not knowing that there were a couple of nice ladies out in the parking lot in their truck waiting to ask us to be grand marshals in their parade. We we asked to be honorary Nunnions in spite of our behavior. Just recently I was having dinner with my boss George King, a record rep and the band High Valley. I had done some research on High Valley and knew they were all Mennonite brothers from Canada who had formed a trio. George obviously hadn't studied and asked them if they all grew up near each other. They looked at each other kind of baffled and said "yeah, we're brothers, same basement". I laughed knowing George wanted to crawl under the table.

I know that there have been countless times that I have been alone in a studio for hours and the minute you step on a duck the door opens to a coworker wanting you to meet a new client. I usually blame that one on Todd.

Share with me. What embarrassing thing have you done at work?