I love you. I find that easy to say. I am full of love and am a hugging and kissing kind of guy. You could say I am one of those guys who looks like he would be followed by the police but am actually a big wussy teddy bear. I am a very emotional guy who wears my feeling on the outside for all to see. I am so used to saying "i love you" that I actually once ordered a pizza and as I was hanging up accidentally said it to the guy who took my order. I could hear him giggle.

They say the average person waits until about 90 days into a relationship before saying "i love you". I know I have jumped the gun on that one. I can distinctly remember being with one girl I was dating and saying "i love you" to which she replied "i know you do". Ouch. I can also remember saying it to girl and hearing the sound of crickets.

Has this happened to you? Have you jumped the gun on "i love you"? Who said it first in your relationship?

By the way, thanks for reading this. Have a great day. I love you.