Not much unlike many women my age, Elvis was a big part of my everyday life-my mom was goo-goo for "Elvis the Pelvis".

But just as important as his song's... she was a sucker for his movies. We watched them all of the time... she would get all glassy eyed over him and the way he would smile.

It was more than just the way he talked and smiled... he was the first leading man. I read once that he joked when he wanted to bring a friend on to sing with him, the producers and directors and just about everyone said where would they come from... he laughed and said the same place the band comes from when I'm singing on my motorcycle. It is just something that I always remembered.

Elvis Presley, still the king and thinking of him so much these last few days prompted me to share him and my mom with you... good times...

BTW, my favorite Elvis movie is Blue Hawaii