It was one of those moments where you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. I remember my world being rocked like never before. I was only 11 years old but I was just heartbroken by the news.

39 years ago today I was sitting in my rocking chair watch the nightly news with David Brinkley when he announced the death of Elvis. I was in shock and then started to cry. I ran down to my neighbors house, who was also a huge Elvis fan, and we cried together.  I remember it so well. I was raised on Elvis. His music and movies filled my childhood and was my idol. I still feel no one has ever had such an impact on American culture and music. He was electric. The years continue to pass but his legacy continues to grow.

There have been so many movies and albums over the years but I have picked the 5 must have Elvis items that your collection requires. Every Elvis fan should own a copy of these.

The famous '68 Comeback Special

The unforgettable Aloha From Hawaii Special

The behind the scenes concert film That's the Way It Is

The movie Viva Las Vegas with Ann Margaret

The film Jailhouse Rock