Elliot Sailors has been one of the Ford Modeling agencies top models for years and now is doing something uncharted for the most part. Now going by the name of Elliott Sailors Santos-Coy, she has turned her sights on male modeling.

Elliott Sailors is a stunning blonde, no doubt.  But as our cruel world dictates, once female models hit the ripe old age of 30, the gigs come less frequent and with it, less money. So, she did something that I can only applaud her for. She switched sides, so to speak.

Taking advantage of her strong chin and facial features, she chopped and colored her hair and is now getting more work than she can handle, as a male model. Sailors admits that once a female hits 30 in the modeling world, it's all but over for many young women but men can model successfully much longer.

When she shows up for a casting call now, she shows up in flannel, jeans, boots and a biker jacket.

You go girl!