A freak accident in New York City on Wednesday took the life of a woman on her way to her office.

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The New York times reported on Wednesday about a horrific accident involving a mode of transportation millions use everyday- an elevator.

Suzanne Hart, 41, was on her way to her office on Madison Avenue in a Midtown Manhattan office building when a fluke malfunction with one of the elevators took her life.

A Fire Department official described the accident as follows:

Her foot or her leg are heading into the elevator while the door is open. Her one foot is in the car; but then, the doors close on her leg and the elevator shoots upward. And she is just kind of yanked up with it. Then, the elevator car becomes pinned between the first and second floor. It seems like her body is what stops the elevator’s movement.

Suzanne was an executive at an advertising firm in the 85 year-old building.  Apparently, the elevators in the building have been known for their---'at your own risk' reliability:

Chad Kawalec, a former director of client services at Y&R and friend of Ms. Hart’s, described the elevators in the 85-year-old building as creaky and balky.

“They weren’t the kind of elevators that you stuck your hand in to catch the doors,” he said, “Because they wouldn’t stop.”

There were two other people already on the elevator when the accident struck.  It took several hours to get them out of the elevator.  They were taken the hospital to address their mental distress at seeing the tragedy unfold.

Life in the big city.

Here's footage from an ABC affiliate in New York: