I have been fortunate enough in life to surround myself with good people.  Many of my friends are members of groups like the Patriot Guard, Journey 4 Justice, American Legion and the VFW. And then some individuals that are true hero's like Bill Suhre of the Suhre Law Firm in Greeley, Terry and Genia Myer {Gold Star Family), Nubbin and Angela Johnston (Gold Star Family), and the list goes on.  But one individual sticks out today...

Ohio's EJ Barrett!  Semper Fi brother...

EJ and his wife Julie live outside Cincinnati OH in the quite little town of Franklin.  EJ is a retired badass from the United States Marine Corp.('82-'86)  He's a member of the Ohio Patriot Guard and a member of Journey 4 Justice sitting on the board of directors, East Regional Director and TL for Ohio 1.

EJ Barrett is like many I know. Very military oriented, an avid member of the Patriot Guard escorting fallen hero's every chance he gets like many of you do and along with his wife Julie have also been to Topeka KS twice representing Ohio for Journey 4 Justice.

He's another one of my hero's.

Julie Barrett

It was 9 months ago when "The Rev" as I affectionately refer to him, came up with an idea to build a hearse/caisson to honor the fallen after the passing of Warren County Ohio Sheriff's deputy Brian Dulle. Friday October 19th, 2012 it all came together as 1 More Ride honored it's first hero.  (See video below)

Inspired by the horse drawn caissons of old, this is a one-of-a-kind chopper trike drawn caisson/hearse service. This is a ride with style like no other. EJ and Julie's goal is to be able to provide this service to anyone that wants “1 More Ride”.

When you love motorcycles, why would you take your last ride on earth in a car? This is what 1 More Ride is all about. - EJ Barrett, Owner/Operator

Through their services, combined with sponsorship programs, the mission is to be able to provide 1 More Ride to our military heroes, fire fighters and police who have been killed in the line of duty; at no charge. It’s a uniquely remarkable and memorable service to the biker community and for any motorcycle enthusiast in general.

If you would like to help with this generous cause by donating a $1, $10 or a $100 please visit their website and know that 1 More Ride has my personal endorsement as one of the most honorable, trustworthy and noble causes I can think of.

I'm honored to be in your circle Sir.  Carry on...