When it comes to getting into the kitchen, sometimes easy is best, especially when you have a crowd coming over for the game.

mrwynd, flickr


what you'll need:

1 head of cabbage, 1 medium onion, 1 lb hamburger, 1 pkg of Grands Biscuits, season all, pepper and garlic powder, flour for dusting counter top

Putting it all together:

Brown hamburger with onion and seasoning's (a dash of each) in a dutch oven or pasta  pot or any 6 quart pan, once hamburger is almost completely done add chopped cabbage and a quarter cup of water, cover and cook on medium low until cabbage has broken down-stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let cool. Pre-heat oven to temp stated on biscuit pkg. Divide each biscuit so that one biscuit now is two, but thinner, sprinkle a little flour on the counter and role each piece out (it should now be the size of a bread plate or close to it) If there are 8 biscuits in your pkg you should now have 16 ready to fill round pieces. Fill each piece with 2 Tbsp of the hamburger and cabbage mixture (add a bit more if you think it will fit) then pull the ends into the middle to create a little pouch and put on a baking sheet that you have sprayed with cooking spray seem side down. Cook to the pkg instructions. Enjoy!

***I like to brush each one with melted butter with a touch of coarse sea salt and parsley

***When filling the pouches feel free to add cheddar cheese, shredded or small cut squares