And that's not all more of your favorites are hitting the market.

Not only can you now buy Duff Beer but according to the Huffington Post, you can enjoy many cool products.

make believe becomes real:

  • Vomit flavored jelly beans from the hit movie Harry Potter
  • Not sure you'll see Homer but the famous Kwik E Mart is now a real convenient store
  • Butter Beer, this non-alcoholic drink loved by all good and bad little witches from Harry Potter is now available
  • Duff Beer, get yours now
  • Remember Cheesy Poofs, the favorite snack for South Park characters, yep... now your kids will be yelling for them
  • oh, and don't forget Buzz Cola from the Simpsons, pick up a case today

Whether you run out today for vomit flavored jelly beans or down a Duff beer or two, it's just good old fashioned fun... Happy Friday.