If you know me well enough you know that my list could start and end with Mac and Cheese... but I do have some pretty good happy tips... let's go inside!


Top 10 ways to find happiness:


  • Travel when you can, it doesn't have to been Istanbul (although I hear it is amazing) take a small trip, hop on a plane-find the lowest fair and that's your destination-there are a lot of deals out there.
  • Bake cookies and take them to work, for one day, unless they are really good everyone will love you and you will be the center of attention, that is happy and seeing them be happy eating them, well that's happy too
  • Sleep more, seems elementary my dear Watson, but test it out... get four hours tonight and 8 hours tomorrow, see which next day feels better.
  • Get a massage... I am a HUGE proponent of massages and facial, bliss... pure bliss, if you have never done either, get busy and if you have and 'don't have enough time', I say phooey! DO IT
  • Eat Chickpeas... I read it... and then thought hey, I am pretty darn happy when I am eating hummus, yep, that's made from chickpeas... grab some peppers, cucumbers and your garden (or your co-workers garden) zucchini and a tub of humus! :)
  • Perspective... tell yourself you'll be happy, regardless of any crap that comes flinging your way... don't doubt it, try it!
  • Let the little thing's go, trust me... it won't matter without them
  • Cry when it comes over you, don't let anyone stop you, your soul and your mind will know when its time to blow your nose, wash your hands and move on
  • Make time for friends-PERIOD
  • Give more hugs... who cares if they aren't a hugger, hugs, if not creepy, feel good and make people happy