My Ashley, someone you've heard me speak of numerous times is the third of four and my youngest daughter.

I knew from the very beginning that Ashley would be an outstanding individual. I knew that she would be selfless and giving to a fault before she was even born. See I found out that I was pregnant with Ashley one month to the day that my mother died. My mom was so much a part of my journey to have Ashley, it only seemed fitting that I finally got pregnant and learned of that pregnancy on that day. I tell Ashley she saved my life and she has been enriching the lives around her ever since.

Today I attended the Convocation at Rocky Mountain High School. I was told that my Ashley would receive an award in this ceremony. When she finally realized that I switched my on air shift with Charley Barnes (Thank you again Charley) to attend she nearly cried. (Natasha and mom are the criers in the family, so for Ashley to nearly cry is huge-LOL)

Ashley won an award for leadership and excellence for her role in the Connection Club.  The club is one that was formed to provide at needs students with peers to help them feel more a part of the everyday life of high school. Ashley and others like her assist the at needs students in everyday activities and chaperone on special events like football games, prom and the special Olympics-recently they went bowling.

Ashley benefits greatly as well being around the at needs kids, they help her keep her own life in perspective. They remind her of what's important in life and how fortunate we all are in many aspects of our lives. She rarely takes anything for granted; if she does, I am quickly there to remind her-which doesn't happen often. :)

Ashley will pursue a career in this field, she is still trying to figure out where best she will fit long term. She has recently made it through the process of becoming a peer next year as she enters her senior year at RMHS and she hopes to be a Para as she heads towards college. (She is aiming at CSU-Go Rams!)

Congratulations to all students who received awards and to the graduating class of 2012.