It's a big day here at K99. D is returning to the airwaves today!!! We are so thrilled to have her back today. We all know she has been through hell lately and are so happy she has decided to come back to us. I ask you give D some space and time to get her groove back in the on air chair. I know we all want to smother her in love and affection but it is important we give her a little time to breathe at first. We will have plenty of time to tell her how much we love her and have been thinking of her. Let's give her a little time to get adjusted back in the public eye.

I have been D's opening act for many many years and can't wait for her to walk in with her overflowing purse full of stuff and her daily foo foo coffee drink. We all have missed her and welcome her back with open arms. The K99 family is an amazing group of people. Thank you for being a part of that family. Let's celebrate as we welcome back a huge part of that family. God bless you D...and welcome home.