Forget the days when a phone was a phone they have long past. Phones today rival any thoughts of a mobile phone we had just twenty years ago when we were carrying brick phones in a bag. In recent years the phones have regained their size, not to the extent of the early 90's, but still they have gone from the size of a credit card to nearly the size of a mouse pad. Now Droid brings us 3 new Droids.


Motorola has three new Droids and they are much the same. They are they Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and the Droid Maxx. They are wrapped in slim Kevlar and have a mix of Verizon and Motorola features.

The three phones follow the most popular Droid unibody with the battery sealed in with 10-megapixel cameras with no memory card slots. They are available in black and what they call deep Verizon red. The Maxx and the Ultra have a 5- inch HD display while the mini has a 4.3-inch LCD.

Which is the best? Really boils down to personal choice and with the similarities, looks like you really can't go wrong. In an article at they note that there are some pretty cool system developments in the phones:

  • Voice recognition
  • launch the camera by waving it in the air
  • improved stand-by features
  • wake up your phone by yelling at it
  • photo-sharing with other Droids within 300 feet

The big differences are mostly price, size and battery life according to PCMag. All three phones are available for pre-order and hit the stores August 20.