Yes, driving down Harmony Road creates frustration, but not road rage. Just makes one scratch their head and say huh?!

Driving Down Harmony D Dennison


  • Why does it seem like the greener the light the harder one has to break and come to a complete stop?
  • Is it a new law to go on the yellow/red turn light? As many as six cars turning on the yellow/red arrow have been counted.
  • Does everyone get to count to 12 before the traffic starts moving forward when a red light turns green?
  • How is it that everyone drives 5-10 miles under the speed limit on any given stretch of Harmony, but will speed up to blow through a solid yellow light? (leaving you stuck at another red light, at least you're in the lead position this time)
  • What's the emergency to cut in between two cars, leaving very little space for comfort and drop your speed?
  • Are you smoking a little smoke when you cross three lanes of traffic with only 50 feet before your left/right hand turn?
  • Is the sign guy at Timberline or is it Lemay (no, not the College guy-he's got his crap together-fir' sure) always messing with his playlist?
  • The far left lane heading West from the interstate has been a three lane road for what... 3/4 years? Why do people still cut you off to hurry into the center lane?

The list could go on forever. What is your biggest frustrations on Harmony Road or any other road for that matter?