The Colorado State Patrol has ticketed James Ernst, 75 of Erie, Colorado after an investigation of complaints and video footage of a driver allegedly following and harassing bicyclists in Boulder County. The video, which showed up on on September 16, was taken by a cyclist who was being followed closely by a driver that at first honked intermittently, then started to lay on his horn. He followed what appeared to be a pair of cyclists for the duration of the 2 minute video.

At one point, the man shooting the video took footage of the road in front of him, showing his perspective from the right side of the white line on the narrow berm and said

I have no idea what this guy is doing. I'm riding to the right of the white line.

According to Colorado State Patrol, the man was cited for

18-9-111 (1)(c): Harassment (two charges) (a class 3 misdemeanor)

42-4-1103: Impeding the flow of traffic/minimum speed regulation (a class A traffic infraction)

42-4-224: Improper use of a horn or warning device (a class B traffic infraction)

The release from Colorado State Patrol went on to say

The citation is based on an investigation by CSP of a male driver in a Ford Explorer driving behind bicyclists, slowing down to their speed and continually honking the vehicle horn while refusing to pass the bicycles which were riding near the right portion of the travel lane.  Together with victims and witnesses, CSP worked with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office in an effort to find and correctly charge the alleged driver.

The Colorado State Patrol wishes to remind everyone to share the road with courtesy with everyone, regardless whether they are pedestrians, bikers or other motor vehicles.