According to the Associated Press a fire in Yuma county started with a downed power line

The 'Heartstrong' wildfire caused at least a half of a million dollars in damages. According to the Yuma county sheriff's office strong winds brought down the power line, causing Sunday's 37 -square- mile fire.

Three fire fighters were injured in the the extinguishing efforts, one remains in the burn center in Greeley. The fire also claimed two homes, 80 acres of fence line and the loss of at least 40 cattle. Authorities say there are still 400 head unaccounted for.

The Colorado farm bureau is raising funds for the farmers and ranchers this weekend;

The Heartstrong Fire benefit will be Saturday at City Limts in Yuma. There will be poker and a silent auction starting at 3 p.m. A $10 fee includes a silent auction entry and dance. Call Tracy at Knapp Productions 970-580-5223 for more info and donation questions.