Colorado is long known for our history of miners.

Now, a part of that history is being considered as Colorado's official summer sport.

Is it crazy, or is it cool?

check it out!

Back in the days of mining here in Colorado (the 19th century), miners used to rush their pack mules up and down the mountain terrain to get to  the ledger's office to have their gold/silver weighed and turned into much lighter- cash!

The miners had to walk/run along side the donkeys because of the full packs of riches carried on the animals' backs.

"C,mon you stubborn donkey, let's go!  I needs me that money!"- I can hear an old miner saying.

Burro is the Spanish word for donkey.

Nowadays- up in those mountains where the riches are long gone but the donkeys still roam, burro racing has become quite the summer activity!

From The Western Pack Burro Association's website:

The burro-racing season runs from late May through September. There are presently five events in five mountain towns. Each event is part of a festival celebrating the town's history. The "Triple Crown" races are in Fairplay, Leadville, and Buena Vista. The remaining two races are in Georgetown and Idaho Springs. There is also a "burro obstacle race" at the Fort Restaurant in Morrison that is a lot of fun and awards prizes.

With skiing being known as Colorado's winter sport, momentum (ever so slow for a burro) has grown to get burro racing into the state's books as the official summer sport of Colorado.

Representative Tom Massey is the current politician in favor of doing the donkeys and Colorado's history the honor.

What about golf? What about boating? What about even disc golf?

Don't be so stubborn!!

Have a look, then decide!

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