I am not a religious man, but sometimes things happen that I cannot explain. It seems like yesterday I got the phone call. My sister told me that my Mom was in Duke Medical Center in North Carolina and we needed to fly out from Denver to see her.  I asked all of my Facebook friends to pray for my Mom.  I instantly had 60 people say that they would...and each day the number continued to grow.

Our travel agent booked us a flight to Raleigh, North Carolina through Atlanta, but a few minutes later she called us back and said the weather was bad in Georgia, so she rerouted us through Charlotte.

Meanwhile my other sister, who lives in Boise, Idaho was booking a flight to North Carolina but I didn't have time to give her a call and find out when she was flying.  When my wife an I arrived at D.I.A.  we were looking at the departure board when  we looked to our right and my sister was standing there.  She had a layover in Denver and soon we found out that she was on our flight to Charlotte.  We tried to get our seats changed so we could sit together, but they couldn't do it.

Now here is where it get's weird or cool or whatever you want to call it.  When we all arrived in Charlotte we met up in the concourse and were laughing about how funny it was that we ended up on the same flight.  My sister asked where we were sitting on the flight to Raleigh. My wife said 18-B and 18-c.  My sister's mouth dropped open as she said, "I am in 18-A".

The story doesn't stop there.  When we arrived at the Duke University Hospital my Mom was in bad shape.  Dad wanted to go to take a walk to the Duke Chapel to say a prayer for Mom. We took a few pictures of the beautiful Chapel along the way:



Dad said a short prayer in the Chapel and we headed back to the hospital. The next day was the best day Mom had since arriving at Duke Medical Center. Dad then told me he wanted to head back to the chapel to say "Thank You".

What do you think? Does Prayer Really Work?