Its one of those things I guess I will never understand, Black Friday. Just the name sounds like a total downer to me. They couldn't have come up with something a little more 'cheery' and 'bright?  Must be the 4 AM thing. 4 AM? Do people really do this?

I find it sort of crazy that millions of people would actually think that one certain day offers the greatest sales of the year. I mean there is a sale going on every single week withing a 360 radius of us.  Daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales etc.  It's like many think Congress mandated that all stores drop prices on this one day.

Sure, there are a few great deals out here and I assume those are why some sleep outside all night.  The TV that you are going to save on won't last long.  Most great deals offer 10 or less.  And honestly, the savings on Black Friday may surprise you because in many cases, those "big sales" are inflated prices anyway.  But because it's "Black Friday" it must be a deal.

Oh heck, I'm just joshin ya'all.  Like I said, I'm sure there are plenty of great deals out there and money to be saved but then again, you could sleep in and order the same thing online Cyber Monday. You might even be surprised to see the item you just bought even cheaper.

See, there is another sale and I am willing to bet there will be more. What's my point?  Sleep in my friends and let that Turkey and pie settle a bit. Most likely, you'll save even more in the next month.  But be careful, a few of those items on the wish list will no doubt get pricier the closer we get to Christmas.

For you die-hards out there, I wish you luck. strength and patience.  As for me, let me know how it goes because the only thing going through my head at 4 AM will be visions of sugarplums and maybe a fairy or two.

  • Citizen men's black watch - Best time to buy: March, $350. Black Friday and Cyber Monday: $379
  • Ugg Boots - Best time to buy: September through October, $85. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, up 59% to about $139
  • 46-inch "Professional" LCD television - $1,159 in October. Black Friday, $1,355
  • Sesame Street Elmo - Increased 31% on Black Friday from September and October.