Well here we go. It is the about time for the 4th of July celebrations with all the parting and barbecuing and all the other fun things to do with the 4th. We love the parades and the cookouts and concerts but I must admit, I am not a fan of the fireworks. Don't get me wrong, I love the professional fireworks shows but am not a fan of the neighbors bottle rockets shooting over my house.

I know fireworks are technically illegal in our state but it sure doesn't seem to stop anyone from blasting bricks of firecrackers and gross after gross of bottle rockets. My dogs are terrified every year. I actually fear for my vehicles and hope they don't get scorched and am constantly keeping an eye on my roof and backyard hoping nothing ignites during the illegal blasts from my neighbors. I am always surprised to see the families gather in the street and light hundreds of dollars of fireworks all over my yard and the streets around me and have never seen one police car. I know they say they are illegal but really don't see anyone enforcing it. I don't mean to sound like a grumpy old man, but I guess I am now.

How do you feel about the neighborhood fireworks at your house? Do you have them? Do you light them? Do you hate them too? Let me know and take the poll here.