Today is the first day of fall. Time to say goodbye to summer and usher in my favorite season of them all. I love the cooler temps and the changing colors of the leaves and the structure in our lives that tends to come back this time of year. I can break out the fall clothing which is much better on me than summer stuff. I look better more heavily clothed.

There seems to be a misconception about snow and Halloween. There are so many people who say that it always snows on Halloween. I have stats that say that just isn't true. I was researching to find out how many times it has actually snowed on Halloween and found this article from on the internet. It says that from 1954-2011 it has only snowed 10 times on Halloween. Will this year be number 11?

Todd recently wrote a blog about when to expect our first snowfall and his article says it will happen in mid October. What do you think? Take the poll below and let me know when you think we will get our first measurable snowfall.